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Parking Lot Sealing, Repairs & Painting

Are the lines in your parking lot faded and look weather worn? Do you want your parking lot to look inviting and provide clear designations for parking? At Petro’s Sealing, we know parking lots are essential to the function of your business, and that is why we offer a number of services to make sure your parking lot looks great year round.

  • Parking Lot Line Painting – Repainting lines in parking lots requires skill and a professional eye to make sure they look good and follow regulations. When you hire us, you will be impressed with our excellent customer service and how quickly your parking lot line painting job is completed!
  • Parking Lot Repair – If you have cracks and pot holes in your parking lot, or the asphalt around your catch basins are started to crack and crumble, you may be worried that your customers will be unhappy. Call us today to learn more about how we can help with parking lot repair so your customers feel safe and happy driving in to conduct their business.
  • Parking Lot Sealing – Sealing parking lots protects them from the elements and keeps your surface looking as professional as you are.

At Petro’s Sealing, we are a team dedicated to providing a friendly approach and professional service in Barrie, Ontario. Parking lots are an important part of any business, and even though it seems insignificant, having parking lots serviced can make a big impact on the way your business is viewed. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit you and make your parking lot look great!

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